Heartfelt Christmas Gifts for Anyone

Have you been struggling to figure out the perfect gift for Christmas – something more unique than another tie or dress shirt, more personal than a gift card, and more thoughtful than a new kitchen appliance?

Kevin and I were thinking about what makes good Christmas gifts and came to the conclusion that heartfelt gifts are something that is personal to both the giver and receiver – something shared between them. Photographs create a shared lifelong connection to the people that are most important to us. Imagine how you will surprise your loved ones with the beautiful portrait they wanted.

We have come up with 5 great Christmas ideas to share with you and we’re doing it “Groupon Style”. Next week we will have a special every day, but it stays a secret until that day. Be the first to know what the daily special is by getting e-mail alerts at http://www.barberphotostudio.com/christmas-special.

You are probably getting too many e-mails as it is, so it is my promise to you that by signing up, you will only get e-mails about these extremely rare specials. This really is the fist time we have had a sale like this and Kevin had to talk me into it.

If you haven’t been photographed by us (or recently), we do have a gallery of fine art photographs you will want to check out at http://www.barberphotostudio.com/fine-art.  You may request one of these images for the special of your choosing.  Would you love a beautiful piece for your living room?  Or perhaps a fine art piece may be a great addition to a family or friend’s home.

We hope you enjoy these upcoming specials.  We’re not in the habit of having specials at our studio and this may be the last one we have so don’t pass it up.

Have a blessed Christmas!