Clement Chiropractic Professional Headshots

West Des Moines Chiropractor

About 3 or 4 years ago, I started seeing Dr. Clement as my chiropractor. I’ve always thought he makes a great chiropractor because he has a calming way about him, which is very comforting as a patient before you get adjusted.

West Des Moines Chiropractor and his office staff

Here is Dr. Clement and his office assistant, Connie. She is always very cheerful and friendly.

Clement Chiropractic adjusting a child

I know a lot of parents out there would love to start chiropractic care for their children but are unsure about who to go to and what all is involved in a child’s adjustment. Getting a child adjusted involves tiny movements done in a kind way. Dr. Clement does a great job of being gentle with children. See how happy our son is while being adjusted!

West Des Moines Chiropractor adjusts baby

West Des Moines Chiropractor explains x-ray

If you have been searching for a chiropractor that is an in-network preferred provider for your Wellmark HMO, Dr. Clement is in this network so you save money by going to him over an out of network chiropractor. It is very hard to find new doctors that fit this criteria because Wellmark does not let new doctors in very often, but Clement Chiropractic made their list.

If you’re looking for a new chiropractor, Clement Chiropractic is a great place to try. Dr. Clement is very knowledgable and caring and seeks to not only give you relief through adjustments but seeks ways for you to find relief between visits.