Corporate Headshots

You are looking for consistency throughout your marketing and branding materials. But you ask your employees for their latest headshot and you’re lucky if you don’t get a few cell phone pictures or their goofy Facebook profile photo. You know that your business represents quality and that your customers expect nothing less.

Let’s talk! We’ll work with you to come up with a consistent look for your employees through environmental portraits and standardized corporate headshots. Whatever the look you are trying to communicate, we will capture what best represents you and what you do.

Let us help tell your story.

Corporate Clients include

Promotional Photography

You’ve worked hard to build your small business. You know exactly what your product is and who is your target market. You’ve invested in an awesome website that is both highly creative and highly strategic, and then you upload a cell phone picture as your headshot. Scratch that! No cell phone pics for your website and brand. Definitely not for LinkedIn. The photos you use to promote your business reflect you and your brand – the better your photos look, the more people will want to work with you. Your prospects will decide within moments of visiting your website whether they want to work with you, so make sure you give them a great first impression.

We use a variety of poses and settings that truly capture how you want to project yourself to both your clients and your business connections. We can capture your team around your office during a normal workday, telling the story of what you do every day.

The photos you use to promote your business are reflect you and your brand

Team Photos

We can create group photos of your whole team in your office setting. When a potential client visits your website, they can see the friendly, approachable people working there. Seeing your employees gives prospects the impression that you will take good care of them.

Professional headshot of Kira with light blue background

I chose to work with Barber Photography for my headshot photos for work. They really took the time to understand what I was wanting and how I wanted my image to be professionally. The photos turned out great and put me above the competition. I will definitely tell my friends and family about how great Barber Photography was to work with.

–Kira Sales, Des Moines, Iowa


In Des Moines, not only do you need to be an expert in your field but you also must have a strong and developed personal brand. Colleagues, potential employers, and investors need to know that when they work with you they’re getting someone confident and knowledgeable. Your first impression may be your LinkedIn profile picture. Let’s make sure that first impression is a great one.

Individual head shot photography sessions are geared toward creating a variety of poses and looks to make sure that we create the image that best represents you professionally. Contact us below and we’ll start brainstorming the best way to make sure you make a great first impression.

Stock Photos

We can create quality stock images of your business in operation and your actual products. Instead of searching for and using mismatched, canned stock images from a stock photography site that don’t match your branding or show your products, we will create personal, unique images created just for your business.

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