Combined Grins and Giggles Session

A few months ago, I discussed the possibility with Jenny of doing a joint Grins and Giggles Session with her brother’s family.   Andy and Jenny’s families are both in the Grins and Giggles Club so it seemed like a great way to get the cousins together for some photos.

Jenny and Thomas are building a new home right now so they thought that would be a fun site for their session.

Toddlers play at an Iowan farm

Genevieve and Charlotte had fun on their grandpa’s tractor.  One of the best parts of the day was seeing how much fun these two had together.  They are such imaginative girls I think they could make just about anything fun.

Mother and baby hug

A sweet moment between Sarah and Gemma.

2 Year Old Girl Photo

Caroline is a very happy child.  We captured some hilarious moments of her playing a kind of peek-a-boo out of this basket.

3 Year Old Girls Playing

9 Month Old Photo

An adorable photo of Gemma at 9 months old.

Relaxed family photo

A relaxed family photo.  More to come from this session soon!