Doug and Molly: Married! Part 4: Ceremony

These are some of my favorite photographs from Doug and Molly’s wedding ceremony. I created this image of Molly and her dad, right before her dad gave her away. I love how you can see Doug in the background and the admiring gaze he makes towards Molly.

Kevin captured this photograph during the ceremony from the balcony. As they light the unity candle, Molly looks up at Doug as if to say “I’m so excited we’re getting married!” These two moments show just how deeply Doug and Molly care for each other.

One of Kevin’s favorite challenges each wedding is to create new and interesting ways to photograph the rings. In this case, he chose to use the wedding program as the background in a way that you can still read the wedding date and location, yet a small enough depth of field to keep the focus on the rings.