Doug and Molly: Married! Part 5: Reception

Receptions are a fun part of the wedding for all involved. For us as photographers, there is still a lot of work that we get done since there are still important moments to capture, but we do get to relax, have fun, and do a little experimentation. Often times we need to adjust for drastically different lighting in the reception hall or hotel and many times things change after it gets darker as either the sun sets or the dancing begins.

These are some fun images Kevin photographed during the reception. Doug and Molly had had some Jones Soda printed with a picture they had taken together on Doug’s graduation day. Doug had graduated from Iowa State University a month before their wedding. So as they drank these sodas during the reception, it was cool way for them to look back at a great accomplishment of Doug’s while they celebrated their future together.

The next is one of the cake from the reception. Kevin did some beautiful, spontaneous lighting with his flash in this photograph. I love the perspective he used to show all the marbles that were on the table around the cake. This shows how simple and elegant the cake was.

The last photograph was taken of Doug and Molly during their first dance. At the end of the song, Doug bent Molly over and they shared a kiss. Kevin had his flash on a stand behind them, which created beautiful lighting and a sentimental mood to the portrait. This portrait looks magical.

We tried out our wide angle lens during some of the dances to get a fresh perspective and to be able to view more of the scene in one frame. This was a lot of fun during the Hokey Pokey where we could have most of the circle (or in this case, crescent) in the frame at once.
And one nice thing about having two photographers capturing the event is that you can also get another perspective without a lens change – such as this photograph that Kindra captured during the Hokey Pokey – Molly’s expression is great here.

There were a few more photographs that we wanted to share, so we have a bonus post from Molly and Doug’s wedding that we will post on Monday – I think we are saving some of the best for last — well, actually, we have saved the BEST for the viewing session!

Here are the vendors Doug and Molly used for their wedding:
Church: Collegiate United Methodist
Reception: Holiday Inn Ames Conference Center – ISU
Dress: Weddings by Design
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers: Mary Kay Florist (515) 232-3993
Cake: Lincoln Center Hy-vee