Doug and Molly: Married! Part 3: Fun Before the Wedding

These portraits show some of the fun the wedding party had before the ceremony. Molly had four bridesmaids who knew each other very well because three of them are her sisters and one is her niece. I’ve never seen five girls in a wedding party have so much fun before a wedding! This portrait was taken after a funny moment. I had taken some portraits of the girls without their bouquets and while Molly’s dad had started heading to the door, all the girls gave them their bouquets for him to take back to the dressing room so we could take some informal, fun portraits of the girls without their flowers.

Dad was a little embarrassed and the girls thought it was funny to see Dad with all their flowers. One of the things I’ll remember about Molly and her bridesmaids is they laughed so hard and had so much fun together. I think they did a great job at keeping Molly laughing and relaxed before the ceremony.

This is a portrait of the guys that Kevin took before the ceremony. Since Ames is a college town, whenever we took the wedding party outside for portraits, there was a stream of cars driving down the street, honking at them and cheering. So this is a funny moment when all the guys waved and cheered back to a car. These two portraits show how lighthearted this wedding party was.