Doug and Molly: Married! Part 2: Details

Kevin and I always make a point of photographing all the little details that make each wedding unique, yet are easily missed as your memories of the event fade.

Molly wore these really pretty silver heels for her wedding. I snagged them from her dressing room before she got dressed and placed them in the windowsill by one of the beautiful windows in the sanctuary. I love how the light shining through this window gave a sepia toned color to the photograph. Most brides choose white heels for their wedding day but these silver heels described Molly’s fun personality.

Kevin created this photograph of the sanctuary with our new fish eye lens. Molly and Doug got married at Collegiate United Methodist. The architecture was a mix of traditional and modern elements with a beautiful, older sanctuary complete with pipe organ. The recent addition added newer elements such as a patio with tables and leather sofas.

Here is another detail that we loved in the church – these stenciled details were around the sanctuary in gold paint. Kevin captured this element with a portion of a window to create an interesting, graphical photograph.

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