Molly and Doug: Married! Part 1: Individual Portraits

We photographed Doug and Molly’s wedding this June. Doug and Molly met in junior high and started dating while attending Iowa State University together. Their wedding was held at the church in Ames that they had attended while in college.

We had been looking forward to photographing Doug and Molly’s wedding for a while because we’ve had so much fun getting to know them this year through their engagement portrait sessions. They are easy-going, fun, and affectionate – every time we’re around them, we can tell how much they love each other and that these two were destined to united.

This was a unique wedding because I had more time to create portraits of the bride by herself than I usually do before the ceremony. This is one of the portraits I was able to create during that time. Despite the stress of the day, Molly looked elegant, poised and comfortable – like she belonged in a bridal magazine.

This location was meaningful to Molly because her sister had a similar portrait created in the same place in the church – just at the top of one of the front staircases.

Kevin and I both enjoyed photographing this church for all the beautiful architectural details such as the trim work you can see on the walls behind her in this portrait. More importantly was the large, beautiful windows letting in the Heavenly light around Molly.

Kevin created this image of Doug outside the church before the ceremony and, again, you see the same relaxed expression that Molly had in her portraits. This portrait describes Doug well- easy going, funny, nice guy – you can see all that reflected in his expression. (Considering all the groomsmen were gathered around harassing him while he was posing and with a busy college-town street with waving, honking traffic in front of him, Doug was able to keep focused on the portraits.

We will be posting a couple portraits from Doug and Molly’s wedding each day this week so keep checking back to see more. We hope you had a great time on your honeymoon, Doug and Molly!