Horses and a Photo date

Last week, Kevin and I were in Ames and we decided to have a photo date. A photo date is a time Kevin and I go out and just take photos for fun and spend time together. We don’t have a purpose to the photo date. We just go out and take photos of what inspires us. This time, we were on Iowa State University campus and found some horses to photograph. Horses are my favorite animal so I was thrilled! These horses were very tame and used to people come to visit them a lot so they would put their heads right through the fence in hopes that you would feed them grass. It was really funny because there was a bunch of hay in a feeder in the center of their area and only 2 horses found it very interesting to eat the hay and all the other horses crowded around us and begged us to feed them grass. I kept asking Kevin if we could take one home and we decided we could probably take the little colt in the back of our van. We didn’t of course, but it sure would’ve been funny to see Buddy, our dog, get riled up that there was such a big animal in our back yard, eating his grass.

On the way home, there was a beautiful lightning show going on all around us. There was a storm going on in Des Moines but in Ames all’s you could see was the lightning and they had no rain. Kevin and I loved watching all the lightning on the way home and it was the perfect ending to our photo date.

The horses also found the fence very appetizing too. It was funny to see their huge teeth!