Fine art photograph of a rose with ice crystals frozen on it.
I thought I had finished this post and set it to be posted last friday, but apparently it never got saved. Enjoy this week! As we move closer to Spring here in Iowa and across the Midwest, I hope that this will be a scene of the past for a while. Photographed just after a […]

Fine Art Friday: Crystalized

We photographed Mary’s Senior session about a month ago and she had a lot of fun ideas. We started out at the ice skating rink because Mary is a figure skater. Then we headed to a park behind her Dad’s house that her and her brother had spent a lot of time at through the […]

Mary's Senior Session

West Des Moines Valley High School Senior Photography
This family was great to capture because they are easy going and they made the session a lot of fun because we were all joking around some. Lindsay and Brian are in college and Diane was hoping to get a nice family photo of them together before Kat graduates high school. After their session, we […]

Jeff, Diane, Lindsay, Brian, and Kat

Here is Part 2 of the slideshow from Kim and Mike’s wedding. We had so much fun at Kim and Mike’s wedding. They are such a fun couple and were always up for doing silly photos with us which is great. Kim and Mike seem to have a lightness to their relationship which I think […]

Kim and Mike's Wedding Part 2

Kevin and I might be teaching a photography class in the Spring.  What kinds of things would you like to learn about your digital camera or photography in general?  We would love to hear your input.  I wanted to include this photo just to remind everyone that there are warmer days to come . . […]

Upcoming Photography Class