Gemma’s First 2 Years – Des Moines Children’s Photography

These past 4 years photographing Andy’s and Sarah’s family has been so special to us. We first photographed the talkative and fun-loving Charlotte whose smile just makes everyone else around her smile. I think she will always be one of those people that puts everyone around her at ease. Then Sarah and Andy had a new little one – Gemma. Charlotte loves being a big sister and is so sweet to her sister. Gemma is very content, sweet, pensive and kind.

Sarah and Andy are in a Bible study with us at Valley Church  and our son and Gemma get to play together while our group meets. It’s been fun for us to see Gemma and our son become closer friends. They are similar in a lot of ways and seem to get along well.

We feel blessed to photograph Andy and Sarah’s wonderful family these past 4 years. I do feel like God brought them into our lives for a reason and it’s been wonderful to not only photograph their family but also gain some wonderful friendships in the process. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite photos from Gemma’s first 2 years.