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9 Month Old Photo
These past 4 years photographing Andy’s and Sarah’s family has been so special to us. We first photographed the talkative and fun-loving Charlotte whose smile just makes everyone else around her smile. I think she will always be one of those people that puts everyone around her at ease. Then Sarah and Andy had a […]

Gemma’s First 2 Years – Des Moines Children’s Photography

Here is the slideshow from Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session.  We had a great time eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot cocoa with the girls.  We love how Andy and Sarah have some cute Scandinavian traditions they are doing with their family.  The girls’ grandma picked out these adorable Christmas dresses for them.   Hope […]

Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session – Des Moines Children’s Christmas ...

Sarah had gotten Charlotte and Gemma these cute birthday hats off of Etsy. What a fun new tradition for the girls’ birthdays! What a sweet moment between Gemma and her great grandma! “You want some of my cake, mom?”. 🙂 Loved this sweet moment of Anna holding Stephanie’s hand. I will be posting the slideshow […]

Gemma’s First Birthday Party Post #2

I just have to share some of our favorites from Gemma’s Expressions Session.  Something I really enjoyed about this session was watching how Gemma’s expressions look so similar to Charlotte’s.  You can definitely tell they’re sisters!  We feel so blessed that Sarah and Andy trust us with capturing their memories and we’re so lucky to […]

Gemma’s Expression Session – 6 Month Photos