Grins and Giggles Expression Session – Photos of 6 Month Old Twins in Des Moines

6 Month Old Baby Boy in shirt and tie

A few months ago, we photographed Violet and Oliver for their Expression Session. We had last seen them when they were newborns so it was amazing to see how much they had changed. Oliver is such a smiley, happy little guy and Violet is already the fashionista with cute hair accessories. Expressions sessions are so much fun because you really can see a baby’s personality coming out at 6 months and capture all their fun expressions.

Here are some of our favorites from their Expression Session. We will be posting more of the two of them together on Monday!

6 Month Old Baby Girl in Des Moines

Love Violet’s sneaky look here.  Looks like she’s up to something.

6 Month Old Baby Boy in Cute Blue Shirt

Oliver has one of those smiles that makes everyone around him smile too.  I think he’ll be quite the people person when he grows up.

6 Month Old Baby Girl with Cute Hair Accessory