Fine Art Friday: Impressions of a Flower

We are both blessed and cursed by a yard with a previous owner who loved to garden. Our neighbors tell us that they used to be out in the yard all the time gardening. I, on the other hand, don’t spend much time on gardening. By mid-summer, our wildflower-inspired garden turns into a jungle of weeds.

The nice thing (from a Photographer’s standpoint) about having a yard with lots of interesting flowers and plants is that you can always find something new to photograph, or a new way of photographing something familiar. Fine art photography is, after all, finding a new way to look at something familiar.

This week’s fine art photograph is an example of looking at something familiar in a new way. We have these purple flowers all over our yard and I really don’t tired of finding new ways to photograph them.

Purple flower, slightly out of focus | Des Moines, Iowa Fine Art Photography

In this photograph, I decided to focus on just the tip of the flower petal, letting the rest of the flower go out-of-focus, giving an impressionistic look.