Art and Renae

We photographed Art and Renae about a month ago.  They go to our church and so we knew them a little before the session but enjoyed getting to know them even more while photographing them.   We thought it would be fun to capture them doing things they love to do together like talking together on their porch swing and biking.  It was like they were on a date and we were there to document it.  We had a lot of fun.

Art wanted us to photograph some professional headshots of him for his blog.  We also had to throw some fun ones in there for good measure.

Art is in Kevin’s Facebook Mafia, so we came up with this idea for his profile photo. The background was actually a gray photographic background that I replaced with this nice brick texture (formerly Art and Renae’s fireplace).

Art and Renae love spending time outdoors, so we created this photo with their bikes as the sun was setting, making beautiful colors in the sky.


Renae and Art, you’ve been a joy to work with.  Thanks for asking us to photograph your family photos!