Love U Des Moines!

A month or so ago we got together for lunch with Kevin, a pastor at our church, and Clint the graphic designer for the church.  They were talking about how our church was going to be starting a new series called Love U Des Moines in September and they asked us to create the images for the project.  They wanted photos of Valley Church people wearing Love U Des Moines shirts in front of Des Moines landmarks.  This was for a message series that they started on Sunday and will be a theme for the church for about a year.  We had so much fun meeting more people at Valley Church.   Our church loves for our city and this is centered around showing Christ to Des Moines through our relationships with those around us.

Toddler sitting at Gray's Lake with Des Moines Skyline in background

Toddler and Parents walking near the shore at Gray's Lake

Father and kids posing in front of the Iowa State Capitol building downtown Des Moines

Girl posing by Simon Estes Amphitheater Downtown Des Moines, Iowa

Man standing by Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge near downtown Des Moines Iowa

Girl standing by carnival toy prizes at the Iowa State Fair

3 kids eating Cotton Candy and a Corn Dog at the Iowa State Fair Carnival

The Fair was one of the funnest locations we went to.  We were there before 8 am so no one was at the Midway so we got lots of good photos before the crowds showed up.

Husband posing for a photo with his wife at Gray's Lake

Man in sunglasses and hat near the Sky Glide ride at the Iowa State Fair

Love the lens flare Kevin got in this one.


I’ve lived in Des Moines all my life and so sometimes I forget just how beautiful this city is and how great the people are that live here.  It was fun to go back to some spots that held special memories from my childhood.  Thanks to Kevin, Clint, Kelly, and Tim for all your hard work on the project.