Grins and Giggles Club

Here is the slideshow from Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session.  We had a great time eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot cocoa with the girls.  We love how Andy and Sarah have some cute Scandinavian traditions they are doing with their family.  The girls’ grandma picked out these adorable Christmas dresses for them.   Hope […]

Charlotte and Gemma’s Christmas Session – Des Moines Children’s Christmas ...

A few years ago, we got the joy of meeting Jenny and Thomas and their beautiful girls, Genevieve and Caroline. At the time, Caroline was a baby with big round cheeks that had just begun sitting up on her own and Genevieve was a fun toddler that loved running around and playing with animals. Now, […]

Genevieve and Caroline’s Grins and Giggles Album – Des Moines ...

We celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday this past weekend. It was a great time with family and friends. Our son and his 2 best friends had a lot of fun playing on our play equipment after they ate their cupcakes. They are all such sweet kids and get along so well. Check out this slideshow […]

2nd Birthday Party-Des Moines Children’s Party Photographer