Genevieve and Caroline’s Grins and Giggles Album – Des Moines Children’s Photography Album

A few years ago, we got the joy of meeting Jenny and Thomas and their beautiful girls, Genevieve and Caroline. At the time, Caroline was a baby with big round cheeks that had just begun sitting up on her own and Genevieve was a fun toddler that loved running around and playing with animals.

Now, Genevieve is in preschool and Caroline just had her 3rd birthday party. It’s truly been a joy to be able to photograph these fun, sweet girls over the past 2 years.

This family’s faith is one of the most important things to them so Jenny chose some of her favorite Bible verses she hopes and prays for the girls as they grow up.

Genevieve and Caroline loved playing in the leaves at their grandparents’ house.

Love these photos of cousins, Genevieve and Charlotte, playing around. They’re so cute together!

It’s hard to put into words just how much Jenny and Thomas mean to us. They are amazing and we feel so blessed that we’ve gotten to photograph their family. Getting to know them has been such a gift. Thanks so much Jenny and Thomas!