Kira, Headshot Photography, Des Moines, IA

Professional headshot photography should tell something about you. Kira needed a professional headshot updated for her company – she didn’t like the photo that her company provided (in fact, she never even included it in brochures or marketing material), so she contacted us to make them more unique and fitting her personality better.

Professional headshot of woman with blue background

This professional headshot was created indoors at the client’s house.

One photo was taken indoors at her home, which was very convenient for her busy schedule. The other was a quick, on-location portrait session in Des Moines’ East Village. You can’t ask for better weather for March in Iowa than we had for this session!

On-Location Professional Headshot in front of round-topped door and wall with vines.

This headshot created on-location in Des Moines’ East Village.

It used to be that your résumé never included photos, but with so much social media networking being done on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. professional headshot photography is becoming more important to make a good first-impression to prospective customers and employers.

Does your current professional headshot need to be updated? Does it tell a story about you, or is it boring? What would you like your professional headshot to say about you?

We would love to meet with you to talk more about headshot photography – contact us to schedule a free consultation session so we can plan your on-location session.

We also work with groups and can even schedule a to have your whole team’s headshot photos updated to create a uniform look for your website and marketing materials.