Liz, Zachary, Evan and Matthew’s Children’s Session – Des Moines Children’s Pictures


A few months ago, we went to visit our good friends, Crystal and Adam in Indianapolis.  Crystal and I had both been pregnant for the first time at the same time (our due dates were about a week apart) so Crystal and Adam became really close friends partly because we were sharing in the same milestones around the same time.

We have photographed Liz and her twin brothers, Zachary and Evan, a few times through the years and it’s always been very special for us because they are such close friends and it means a lot to us that they ask us to be their photographer.


A little over a year ago, Crystal and Adam decided they would move to Indianapolis because they expecting a fourth son and they wanted to be close to family.   When we came to visit them this summer , we had the joy of meeting their new youngest son, Matthew for the first time, and got to see our son and all their kids play together.  As babies and young toddlers, Liz and our son, had always been pretty close and it was cute to see they still loved hugging and playing together.  When we first got there, Liz held my hand the whole day and was chattering away to me and I could tell she still remembered me.


At the end of our visit, we ended up doing a family session for them in their back yard.   Having one baby (who had just started crawling much quicker that week) and 3 toddlers to try to get to stay still for a few precious moments was a challenge but we all giggled through it and got some really great, fun photos that describe the family well.  Here are some of our favorites from their session.  We will be posting their slideshow later in the week so check back soon to see more photos from this fabulous family.