An Amazing Children’s Book

A few months back, our friend from church, Marcia, contacted Kevin and said she was writing a children’s book. She felt like the message of her book would best be illustrated through photos and kindly asked if Kevin could help illustrate her book. We feel really blessed that she thought of him.

Author signing her book

Kevin and Marcia’s husband, Brian, had gone on a missions trip to Alaska the past 2 summers so Marcia had seen a lot of Kevin’s fine art photos from that and was really hoping to have some nice photos for her book. Kevin and I began to look through our son’s books, and realized most children’s books have illustrations, not photos, so this was a very unique opportunity. Kevin helped Marcia design the book to enhance the words and photos.  Here’s a bit more about the book: “God’s Great Big Love is a rhyming picture book about how much God loves and cares for us.  This book teaches children important spiritual truths that are a part of their everyday lives.  The beautiful photographs of God’s marvelous creation will captivate children with thoughtful depictions of nature, people and animals”.

Marcia had felt lead to write a children’s book for a while. She has her degree in early childhood education and has 3 daughters of her own and she wanted to find a way to talk about just how much God loves us. What I love about the book is it has a sweet rhyming pattern and it really makes you feel so cared for by God. It makes you look at the world around us and see all His handiwork in a new way. It is one of our son’s favorite books. I also love that Marcia shares verses to back up her text so kids can further understand what God’s Word says about things.

Des Moines Author reading book to children

Here is Marcia at her book launch reading the book to some children.

Author and Photographer show off their book

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the book and purchase your own copy, you can go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.   Thank you Marcia for asking Kevin to be a part of creating your wonderful book.  It has been such a blessing and we are humbled you thought of him.