Fine Art Friday: Sioux Falls and Star Trails

Several years ago I traveled to Sioux Falls and created a few photos of Sioux Falls I really liked. That makes getting more photos that are different a real challenge. I was waiting for the right lighting to get a nice, long exposure for that silky, smooth water and colorful evening sky when the the light show started.

NOT what I wanted! I had seen the show before and, quite honestly, I wasn’t impressed – kinda cheesy if you ask me. But I stuck through it to try to make the best of it.

Sioux Falls at twilight with Star Trails, Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

A perfect balance between the illuminated falls and the twilight sky.

Well, what I realized is that they don’t always have the falls lit, and the laser show wasn’t even in the area I wanted to photograph. Great! Hope for this shot yet. Setting the camera on the tripod, I waited for the lights to dim and locked in a long exposure until they brought the lights up again. What I got was a wonderfully balance between the illuminated falls and the twilight sky. A few more exposures with varying lights and a passing train completed the picture.