Fine Art Friday: Last Splash of Light | Des Moines Photographer

 My first “Fine Art Friday” of 2012 begins with a photograph I couldn’t wait to share (but, I did wait for a week). This is from my trip last week to Las Vegas, Nevada – the first time I had been there.

"Last Splash of Light" Boulder City, Nevada by Kevin Barber, Photographer in Des Moines, Iowa

Seeing this little “splash” of sunlight from the sun setting behind the mountains stopped me in my tracks. I had been exploring Hoover Dam, not getting much for photos I really liked, and decided to walk over the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Colorado River Bridge) — a breathtaking view, and definitely one that you want to avoid if you are afraid of heights. Looking back through the hills, I caught this last bit of light from the setting sun that looked like it was splashing through the hills. I knew I had to try to capture it.