Stacy’s Professional Headshot Session – Business Professional Photos in Des Moines

Whenever we approach a business headshot session, we like to personalize the session as much as possible.  A lot of photographers set up a black or gray background and the person’s photos look fairly boring and doesn’t really describe what they do.  We like to incorporate a person’s personality and what they do for their clients into their professional headshots so their photos look relaxed and approachable, not stiff and the same as any other profession that gets photo taken at that studio.

I began to get massages from Stacy about 6 months ago.  What I first noticed about her is her positivity and joy that she exudes.  She is a very strong woman and she is such a joy to be around.

I was in a car accident 5 or so years ago where I suffered whiplash and still suffer pain in the shoulders and neck from that.  Add to that having a baby in the past year, my body has gone through a lot.  Stacy does a great job of not just relaxing me for that day but working on what may be the sources of my pain so I can have longer relief.  She provides a therapeutic massage and takes the approach of that if one part of your body is hurting, it probably is effecting how another part works and how everything works together.  She has been amazing for my healing and figuring out relief with the pain I feel a lot of the time.

We found this cool, zen-like background and we thought it was perfect for Stacy because she has such a calming effect on her clients.

I love this relaxed photo of Stacy.  She’s such a sweet person and I think this photo shows how personable and kind she is.

On-location Professional Photos

If you suffer from pain on a frequent basis and would like someone who wants to provide relief, Stacy would be a great masseuse for you.  She works at Serenity Massage in Urbandale and her business phone is 270-0030.  I highly recommend getting a massage from her if you’re simply wanting relaxation from a hectic week or if you have an injury or condition you’re trying to get relief from.