Baby’s First Year Album – One Year Photos Album in Des Moines

Over the weekend we had our son’s first birthday party. Something that was important to us was we really wanted a nice photo album out for people to enjoy and see all the fun little moments we’ve had in the past year.  The year has gone by so quickly and I’m so glad we have this beautiful album to remember it.

We created a Fine Art Album, which has a canvas cover and thicker pages with a linen texture on them. It’s one of our favorite albums we offer at our studio.

The funny thing about this ultrasound photo of our son with his hand to his head is he is always playing with his hair when he’s drinking his bottle. It is fun to look back and see he was doing this even in the womb.

Here are some of the visitors Aiden had his first week.  It was so fun to see how our families interacted with him.

Kevin and I had so much fun these first 2 weeks photographing our son while sleeping.  They change so much after the newborn stage so I’m so glad we were able to capture a lot of this time.

I love to look back at his Christmas photos.  This was a time he started smiling a lot.  He’s a very happy child and he started to show his little personality at this time.

Here were his 3 month photos.  Kevin’s parents had bought our son this little striped outfit and I look back at it as still one of my favorite outfits he’s ever had.  It is so snuggly and I love the bear ears.

These were some photos from his baby dedication at our church.  A baby dedication is the parents are promising to bring their child up in a Christian home.  We chose this verse for him for the event.

This big photo is one of my favorites from this session.  Our son is very social so of course he was babbling away to us during the session.

His 9 months photos.  We have gotten a ton of compliments on the fedora so I think we’ll definitely have to buy him one in a bigger size when he outgrows this one.

Our son loves balloons.  I think he could play with them for hours. We have taken every opportunity to get him more balloons since this time because he loves them so much.

The guest at his birthday party wrote messages to him on this page and the next.  It’s so fun to see what people wrote.

We will be posting some photos from our son’s birthday party soon.  Keep checking back!