Vincent and Lila’s Grins and Giggles Summer Play Session – Fun Play Session in Des Moines

Brother and Sister photo in the garden

So here is Lila and Vincent, Oliver and Violet’s big brother and sister. Over the past couple of years we have seen Lila grow out of babyhood and Vincent grow into a little young man. We are sad that this was our last Grins and Giggles Session with them but looking forward to creating their album very soon.

We photographed Lila and Vincent at Waterworks and Gray’s Lake. They had a Play Session, where we followed them around doing all the things they love. Vincent is an outgoing, happy little guy and I don’t believe a bad photo can be taken of him. He is one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever met. Lila is a little sweetheart and loves doing whatever fun things Vincent comes up with.

Vincent came up with making funny faces at us. Lila was a little shy with us at first and being silly was a great way for her to get more excited about the session.

Mandy and Zack named this “The Beastie Boys Photo”. Mandy had come up with the kids looking down at the camera. I wonder if Mandy and Zack ever play “You Gotta Fight for your Right to Party” for the kids to jam out to.

This was one of my favorite photos Kevin took that day. It captures Lila’s personality really well.

More to come from Lila and Vincent’s Summer Play Session in the upcoming days!