Fine Art Friday: Two for One!

If you saw yesterday’s post about Groupon, you may be thinking we were a little hard on those deal sites. So, I (Kevin) decided to give you a 2 for 1 deal of our own – no purchase required… Two photos for Fine Art Friday instead of one!

I really couldn’t decided on these two photos created of the former Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colorado. Many of you might know I really enjoy airplanes and airports, so when I saw the old tower still standing in the middle of this neighborhood, I was intrigued.

Warning sign outside the old Stapleton Airport control Tower in Denver, Colorado.

I had the idea for these photos at sunset, but the first night the weather didn’t cooperate. Fortunately, the second night was perfect – I was looking for some light cloud cover to add some interest to the sky. As you can see, I got it.