Gemma’s 3 Month Grins and Giggles Session – Baby Photography in Des Moines

3 Month Photos in Des Moines

Over the past couple of years, we’ve become good friends with Sarah and Andy.  They are such fun, easy going, kind people and it’s been such a joy to be able to photograph their daughter Charlotte in our Grins and Giggles Club.  3 Months ago, they had another daughter, Gemma (pronounced Jema) who we are so excited to photograph.

It’s fun to see how parents can tell fairly early what their child’s personality will be like.  Andy and Sarah said Charlotte showed her high energy, fun side from a very young age and right away, were able to see Gemma is easy going and flexible.

Mother and baby girl photo

Sibling photos in Des Moines, Ia

Sweet Photo of 3 Month Baby in Des Moines

Fun Family Picture in Des Moines, Ia

Candid 3 Year Girl Photos

This is one of our all time favorite photos of Charlotte.  Charlotte is so used to having us take her photo, this only took about 30 seconds for her to pose like this and give us this cute look.

Happy 3 Month Old Smiling at Mother

Gemma slept for most of her session but woke up at the end of the session to give us this adorable smile.  We’re looking forward to photographing Gemma’s Expressions Session in 3 months!