Harvey Family Wall Portraits

Last week, we went to the Harvey’s home to hang their wall portraits and loved the area they chose in their home to display their portraits. These hallways that are shown are right when you enter the family’s home so everyone who enters their home will know just how important family is to them. They chose a combination of gallery wrapped canvases and stand out mount wall portraits which complimented each other well in style.

After we hung the portraits, the Harveys invited us to join them for dinner which made for a very fun night.  We have felt so welcomed by this family and have really enjoyed working with them.

These 3 gallery wrapped canvas display is what we call an Aspen.  They are great for long walls like this where you’d like to show a combination of your favorite photos.

About a month or two ago, we just began offering these collage wall portraits and they have been very popular.  The Harveys chose to do stand out mount photos of each of their daughters’ families and a canvas of all the grandchildren.