Photo Session with Courtney

Last week, Courtney, our photographic assistant, and I headed to the Botanical Center so she could learn more about our cameras and posing.  Kevin had bought me a Shootsac for Christmas and I had been wanting to get some photos with it for a while.  Shootsac is a type of camera bag that is fashionable but durable and contours to your body.  I have loved using mine over the past couple of months.  Kevin definitely has had a lot of good ideas of me for Christmas the past couple of years and I think I’ll really have to ponder what I get him this year.  I had wanted a Shootsac for over a year and had hardly mentioned it in that time and he just came up with the idea on his own.  I loved that he picked up on that it was something I really wanted.

The Shootsacs have different covers you can choose so your Shootsac can fit your personality.  I love the embellished cover I chose and I feel like it describes my style well.  I’m always drawn to these type of patterns and tend to wear clothing with fun patterns.

Kevin and were really happy to see Courtney’s potential through these photos.  I had a fun day with Courtney and we’re are looking forward to what other photos she’ll create in the future.