Kristen's baby shower

This Saturday, I went to Kristen’s baby shower.  Kristen is one of my best friends and we’ve actually been friends longer than Kevin and I have known each other.  Her shower was a lot of fun and it was such a special day to celebrate with my good friend.

Kristen and her mom loved this gift.  It was a cute toy that had soft music that Kristen wants to play when they pray with their son before bed.

Kristen is opening one of the gifts I bought her.  This is a frame with an ink set that you can stamp the baby’s hand print and footprint on and then hang on the wall.  I also bought her a prenatal massage from Body Center Therapeutic Massage.  She is looking forward to getting pampered before the baby comes in a little less than a month.

This is Kristen and our friend Carla.  Carla, Kristen and I had all met while in the same Sunday School class at Valley Church.  We had also been in Bible study together.  The three of us still like to get together to go out to dinner or for a coffee.

Even though Kristen and I have been friends for a long time and been a part of many of each other’s big life events (we were both each other’s bridesmaids), we have very few photos together.  I started thinking about it before the shower and I think maybe we have about 6 or 7 photos total with each other.  So on average, about one a year for every year of our friendship.  So I made it a priority to get a photo together at the shower.

Kristen ended up getting a lot of cool things for her new baby and she says her nursery is complete now.  I’m excited to meet her new son in mid-March.