Christmas Decorations

Kevin and I decorated our Christmas tree over the weekend.  It is interesting how Christmas trees become a history book for your family and all the fun memories you’ve had over the years.

Kevin proposed to me at Christmas time.  He asked me to go Christmas tree shopping with him and after we put the tree up, he proposed.  One of our friends at the Christmas tree farm had cut off the bottom of our tree and wrote on it.  It is one of my favorite ornaments every year because of the sweet memories of that day.

We love this ornament because it’s very pretty but also because it celebrates the birth of Jesus and the wonderful gift His life on earth has brought to so many people.

This is not one of our most pretty ornaments.  Kevin and I were both born in the same year and our mothers both just happened to buy the same ornament to remember it.

This ornament signified Kevin and my first Christmas together as a married couple.

I think this brand of ornaments is the cutest ones on the market.  I love them.

We call this the Disco Bell.  It spins like a Disco Ball.  It’s a lot of fun.

As we decorated the tree, we broke two ornaments by mistake.  This one was only broken a little on the back but Kevin wanted to document Frosty breaking entirely.  He took this with only one photo.  I’m glad the snowman didn’t have any sentimental value.

We hope as you decorate your Christmas tree with your family, you have fun reminiscing also.  I’m looking forward to looking at our tree in 5 or 10 years and seeing how many other memories hang from our tree.