Summer Family Photography Des Moines Greenwood Park

A couple of months ago we had a summer family photography session in Des Moines’ Greenwood Park.  The kids made us laugh non-stop throughout the day – definitely a family of comedians.

The family photo session started with a casual walk through Greenwood Park, we photographed as they talked and laughed together.Picture of family walking and laughing together

Stopping by the park pond, we were able to get some great candid photographs of the kids as they played.

Black and White photograph of girl looking over bridge

This was Kevin’s favorite that he took from their session. I love how Ellie looks like an angel. So sweet.

Teen Photoraphy Des Moines 20090905

Boy sitting on dock Greenwood Park Des Moines 20090905


Having two photographers at a session for families with several kids is great because we can split up and give kids more individual attention.

Outdoor portrait girl tree iowa 20091003

Photography poses for children Des Moines 20091003

Working our way to the east side of the pond gave us a great location for a group photo of the kids together – we found this large rock that fit the three kids perfectly with the trees and calm pond in the background.

Siblings photography Des Moines Greenwood Park 20090905

Siblings hugging candid photo 20090905


Nearby, we also found a nice patch of grass for a simple, casual family photograph.

Outdoor family portrait in Des Moines Park

Photograph of child with pet dog

They brought their dog, Toby, along for the session.  This was such a cute moment.

Girl laughing during photography shoot

I love Ellen’s smile when she laughs.  Her whole face lights up.


We eventually made our way back to the “Three Cairns“, a large sculpture by British artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have photographed here before and like the location, but wanted a bit of a different look, so the three kids each took a hollowed out “egg” and stood inside.

Gril laughing arms crossed stone background 20090905

Boy pose with hand in pocket

Casual pose for boy photography

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