Woods at Sunset

Once in a while I like to go back and re-visit some of the pictures I’ve taken but haven’t done anything with. This is particular picture was done using a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). Multiple exposures are used to capture both dark areas and light areas in greater detail. Those exposures are then put together on the computer to create one large file which contains much more information than would normally be captured.

Your eyes are very good at adjusting to a high range of lights to darks – that is to say they have a higher dynamic range than a camera can capture. Unfortunately, a computer display and printer have even less of a dynamic range, so we have to resort to tricks to be able to “correctly” reproduce what you could see if you’re looking at that scene.

This was captured last April (’06) just northeast of Des Moines at Ashton Wildwood County Park on my way back from working in Waterloo.

0 thoughts on “Woods at Sunset

  • barber109

    Great job Kevin! I would love to take a stroll in those quiet woods. This shot captures a stillness and I can almost smell the scents of the leaves on the ground and the new growth. It reminds me of the woods that were around my home growing up. It is nice to “revisit” that by seeing your photo.