One of my favorite photographers, Joe McNally, had some great photography advice everyone can use. Joe has photographed for National Geographic, Life, TIME, and many other big publishers. Here’s the condensed version:

Remember, the camera is a machine

  1. Don’t take just one picture, or two….shoot lots
  2. When photographing a person, relate to that person. Don’t hide behind the camera.
  3. Remember, the camera is a machine. It does not have feelings, and it didn’t go to art school.
  4. Try not to shoot outdoors in harsh, bright, high noon sun.
  5. Don’t shoot everything from eye level! Get high! Get low! Climb something. Lay down. Get a different perspective.
  6. Carry a camera. As famed photog Jay Maisel says, it’s hard to take pictures without one.
  7. Get it right in the camera, don’t say I’ll fix that later.
  8. Zoom with your feet!
  9. Don’t forget to zero out your camera every day when you go out with it.
  10. There are good pictures right under your nose. Shoot what and who you love. And shoot that which is easily accessible to you.
  11. If you’re unhappy, don’t keep shooting.
  12. Oh, and by the way, take the lens cap off  🙂

Check out his full post with some great photos here: