Album Epoca Bridal Album

We just received the album from Doug and Molly’s wedding in Ames, Iowa.

Doug and Molly’s wedding was very special to us because of the memories involved with it. They had attended ISU together and we created some amazing portraits of them around campus. Our favorite from their wedding day was in front of the campanile. Also they were getting married at the church that they had attended while in college. Molly’s sister had also gotten married in this church and we took some portraits of her by this stained glass window that her sister also had gotten portraits taken in front of. We love to photograph these special moments in a couple’s life and this is a lot of the fun of photographing weddings.

As you can see, the pages lay flat and allows us to create one continuous page spread with no interruption of the images.

Custom Designed Wedding Album

Here are the pages in the album.

Album Cover