Carla and Jess Engagement Session

We had a great time taking Carla and Jess’ engagement pictures. They were excellent models and we look forward to photographing their wedding this September in Des Moines.

Kindra had a great idea for sunset pictures and we decided to return to Big Creek State Park in Polk City. It had been rainy all day and so we were considering doing just studio pictures, but luckily the weather had cleared up just before our session, so we kept with the original plan.

As you may be able to tell, the beach was a bit soggy and it made getting onto the boat docks a little interesting. Its good that Carla and Jess were easy-going and flexible; they had no problem wading through a little water here or there.

Here is a slide show of some of our favorite images from the session. (be sure to click ‘play’ to see it in motion)

Technical Details:
For the silhouette photos, we metered off the sky and then composed the shot.
For the portraits with the sunset/sky background we used the Canon 580EX, metering with the flash to the couple.