Newborn photos are some of our favorite to photograph. Those tiny hands and feet, how they relate to mom and dad, and the way they love to snuggle up and sleep are all things that we can capture at a newborn session.

Frequently Asked Questions:
When should I schedule my baby’s newborn session?
We only schedule a limited amount of newborn sessions in a month so schedule your session before you little one arrives. We will schedule a tentative session date which could be changed depending on when your baby arrives.

When is the right time to have my newborn photographed?
We photograph newborns that are 10 days or younger. At this age, they are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping and have clearer complexions than older babies do.

Where is my newborn session captured?
We photograph newborns at our studio on Thursday and Saturday mornings in the natural morning light.

When will my newborn session take place?
We photograph newborns in the morning and it usually is a 3 hour session. The reason that it is this length of time is that much of the session is spent keeping the child asleep and cuddly for the photos.

A few years ago, we photographed Kim and Mike’s wedding. Mike and Kim are such a happy, fun couple and through the process of photographing them, we became friends with them. They’ve become very special to us. We’ve hung out with them a few times since their wedding and one time recently, we were going […]

MacKenzie’s Newborn Session – Des Moines Baby Photographers

6 Month Old Twins in Des Moines
Here are some of our favorites from Violet and Oliver’s Expression Session.  They are just so adorable!  Some of my favorites from this session are the ones of the two of them together showing them interacting and love for each other. What’s the funniest expression your child has ever made?

Violet and Oliver’s Expression Session Slideshow – Grins and Giggles ...

A few weeks ago, we photographed Lindon for her 3 month session. She had changed so much since the last time we saw her. Amanda, her mom, came up with the idea that Lindon could play in a feather boa and Lindon thought that was so much fun! Here are some of our favorites from […]

Lindon’s Grins and Giggles Session