Hayley’s Senior Spokesmodel Session

We photographed Hayley’s second Senior Spokesmodel Session about a month ago. A huge perk of being a spokesmodel for our studio is they receive 2 sessions so we can personalize their sessions even more to show what’s most important to them. Hayley has collected Disney Princess figurines for a long time and wanted to become a Disney Princess for her session so we helped to make it happen.

Something special about Hayley is that she had been a bone marrow donor for her sister, Ashlyn, about a year ago. Ashlyn has survived cancer thanks to Hayley and made a shirt with ribs on it for her to commemorate this. There are 2 pink hearts on the back of the shirt that show where Hayley had the bone marrow removed.

Hayley has been such a pleasure to photograph. She’s been so much fun and we’ve loved all the ideas she’s thrown our way. Thanks Hayley for allowing us to be a part of your Senior year! Here’s a slideshow of photos from her recent session.

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