Charlotte’s Grins and Giggles Session

We had Charlotte’s Grins and Giggles Session about a month ago.   2 year olds are so much fun!  Despite the cold temperatures, we found a lot to do.

Girl with Teddy Bear

Photograph of girl looking out the window on a snowy winter day

Girl playing with stuffed bear near the window on a snowy winter day

Charlotte was in this tutu for almost the whole session.   She loved it.  I suspect we have a future ballerina.

Father reading to Daughter

Love this sweet moment between Andy and Charlotte as he read to her.

Girl playing with stuffed animals

Girl coloring with Mom and Dad

Father and Daughter Playing in Snow


Outdoor winter portrait

Girl wrapped in blanket, getting tickled

The elusive black cat

Kevin and I have been wanting to get a photo of the Sarah and Andy’s allusive cat, Lucy, for a year and a half.  Kevin and I both managed to snap 1 picture of her at this moment.  Sarah and Andy said they can’t remember the last photo they got of her.  We’re glad we were able to reach our goal!

We are looking forward to a fun Summer session with Charlotte.