Mandy and Zack’s Wall Portraits

Kevin and I have decided that something new we will blog about is showing how our client’s portraits look on their walls.  Wall portraits really personalize your home and can enhance your decor.  We have started offering Wild Sorbet Frames this Fall and our clients love them.  They are hand crafted and hand painted and come in over 100 colors.

Earlier this week, we went to Zack and Mandy’s house to hang their wall portraits in their hallway.  They had chosen the Triplett frames, which come in a set of 3, and chose 1 photo of each of their kids and one family photo.  They chose to have them hung in their hallway where their loved ones can see them as they enter their home or when they go up to the second floor.


We love the colors that Zack and Mandy chose!  Don’t they look great?