Story of Our Love: Scott and Jessie

It seems to be a trend with us that the weather doesn’t cooperate with us for Story of Our Love engagement sessions (to the point of nearly calling it off). However, it also follows that the couples we work with have been very open-minded and we end up capturing some really amazing photographs for them.

Well, we didn’t break our streak with Scott and Jessie! As we drove to our first location, Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines (for the dog park), the first snowfall of the year was raging! But between Jessica, Scott and us, we were determined to capture some fun, intimate portraits.

The snowfall subsided after we arrived at Valley Junction. We found some great locations and backgrounds at Valley Junction – had it been warmer (and had more daylight), we could have spent hours photographing there!

As you can see, we still had some light snow on the ground at the dog park. We had a lot of fun with their dogs, Tucker (the Chocolate Lab puppy) and Callie (the Yellow Lab).

Scott and Jessie were high school sweethearts from Valley High School and now live in Iowa City, so we captured part of their session here in Des Moines and the other part will be in Iowa City in the Spring. We can’t wait to photograph them at their favorite hot spots around Iowa City.