More of Ashlyn's Senior Session

We photographed Ashlyn’s Senior portraits a couple of months ago. We had posted a slideshow of some of our favorites but wanted to share some more.

This portrait shows some of things Ashlyn loves best. She likes collecting Converse shoes and enjoys making word collages in her free time. Her word collage was so cool to look at and it is just such a fun way that she expresses herself.

I had had this idea for Ashlyn’s session for her to wear a really elegant dress against an urban, edgy background. Two things you don’t expect to see together. Ashlyn loved the idea and we had fun with it. I like how her dress and the door complement each other with their colors. I think she looks like a model in this portrait.

I like how she looks like such a powerful woman in this portrait. Kevin did a wonderful job with the lighting on this one.

This is a new product we just started offering this year for Seniors. Seniors can get wallets with their autograph on them to pass out to their friends.

Ashlyn had chosen our top Senior session, the Luxe Life, which includes several different settings for the on-location part of her session. I think this alley turned out to be Ashlyn, Kevin and mine’s favorite location of all. The moody alley suites our photography style well. For part of the session, I took Ashlyn up on this fire escape which was great. After we walked off of it, I felt bad because she had been wearing heels, but Ashlyn is such a good sport and was up for doing anything in the name of good photos!

Here is a collage we made up from some of her portraits.

Thank you Ashlyn, Anne and Danny for being so incredible to work with. You have been such a blessing to us. Have a great Senior year, Ashlyn!

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