" width="580" height="870" /> Can’t believe how much Genevieve and Caroline have grown up since we first started photographing them 2 years ago! Caroline is smiley and giggly and Genevieve is outgoing and fun. They’ve been such a delight to photograph. " width="580" /> Jenny and Thomas had built their own home and had designed […]

Genevieve and Caroline’s Summer Grins and Giggles Session – Adel ...

" width="500px" /> This has been a very special Christmas for Kevin and I. Our son is 3 months old and we celebrated his first Christmas. After having 3 Christmases the past several days, we appreciate our great families and feel so blessed to see their love for our son.

A Special Christmas

11x14 Collage
A little while ago, we created a collage wall portrait for the Book family. Thomas had wanted a nice photo of his family for his office so we created this for them. I love how Kevin made the photos different sizes and used the brown from the children’s clothing for the borders. " alt="Photo Collage, […]

Book Family Collage

About a month ago, we photographed the Harvey family out at their house in the country.  We felt so welcomed by the family and had so much fun with them.  We loved exploring all the cool locations at their house such as a barn that Bill had built himself, a wooded area where their daughter […]

Harvey Family Session