Sunrise along the shore, Jacksonville Beach, FL
  During a business trip to Jacksonville, Florida, I was able to find a great off-season deal on a hotel in Jacksonville Beach and was able to take advantage of a warm December morning. It is difficult to resist a morning walk with this kind of sunrise!  

Fine Art Friday: On a Morning Walk

High Dynamic Range Photography of Bridge and Trees near Duluth, Minnesota
Last Fine Art Friday I said it would be the last for a while from Duluth… well, I forgot about this photo I made in the same area along the lake shore. This is another HDR photo made by taking several exposures, for different times and putting them together with software to create a single image […]

Fine Art Friday: Trees and Bridge

Neon sign of Marathon, St. Croix Station at night on Canal Park Street, Duluth, MN.
Another photograph I created in Duluth, Minnesota. This was created along Canal Park Drive, just down the road from the famous bridge in Duluth.

Fine Art Friday: St. Croix Station

Fine Art Photography: Stoney Shore
Here is the second of several HDR photos I made in this area on the shores of Lake Superior near Duluth, MN. You may remember last week’s Fine Art Friday, Streams of Gold. I really loved this big rock with cris-crossed lines running through it and wanted to create an image around it.

Fine Art Friday: Stoney Shore

Waterfall emerging from the woods 1
" alt="Waterfall emerging from the woods" width="630" /> One of my business trips last June took me through Duluth, MN. After enjoying a wonderful dinner at New Scenic Cafe (I highly recommend trying it), I drove along the lake shore looking for some photo opportunities. I ended up stopping at a scenic pull off near the […]

Fine Art Friday: Streams of Gold

" border="0" alt="" />Once in a while I like to go back and re-visit some of the pictures I’ve taken but haven’t done anything with. This is particular picture was done using a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). Multiple exposures are used to capture both dark areas and light areas in greater detail. Those […]

Woods at Sunset