High School Seniors

Did you know that more people will likely see your high school senior photos than your wedding photos? Since your senior portraits are an important investment, we want to make sure that you get the best and guarantee that you will be thrilled with the portraits you purchase from Barber Photography.

What we hear most from high school seniors is that you want to express yourself in your senior portraits. We embrace this at Barber Photography and love hearing and incorporating your ideas for your portraits. Our goal is to find unique locations and themes for you to fit your style and don’t look like everyone else’s

Senior guy photo on a farm
" width="463" height="580" /> This was one of our last photos of the day. Sam has played soccer all through high school. It was an overcast day that day but Kevin made it look a bit stormier to fit the mood. " width="580" height="386" /> " width="386" height="580" /> " width="580" height="386" /> Sam had […]

Sam’s Senior Photos Post #2 – Des Moines High School ...

Senior guy photo with guitar
Here is Jacob’s Senior Slideshow.  We have photographed Jacob’s older sisters so this family means a lot to us.  It has been so special to come up with a unique session for each of them: urban photos of Ashlyn by the SWAT vehicle, Hayley dressed liked a Disney princess and looking elegant and magical, and […]

Jacob’s Senior Slideshow – Rockstar High School Senior Photography

High School Senior Guy Posed Near Rural Fence
A few weeks ago, we photographed Sam’s Senior photos. Sam goes to Des Moines Christian, plays soccer, and has a great sense of humor. We had so much fun photographing him! " width="580" height="386" /> " width="386" height="580" /> " width="580" height="386" /> Love this photo of him. " width="386" height="580" /> This photo started […]

Sam’s Senior Photos Post #1- Des Moines Christian High School ...

Jacob - Valley High School
" width="580" height="386" /> Jacob got this tattoo commemorating an event that is very important to him. A few weeks before his session, Jacob and his family ran a mudder race. Jacob loved being a part of the event and all the challenges involved and him and his dad got matching tattoos. Jacob has decided […]

Jacob’s Senior Photos Post #2 – West Des Moines Senior ...

High School Senior Guy Photo with a guitar
" width="386" height="580" /> A few weeks ago, we photographed Jacob’s Senior photos. Jacob goes to Valley High School and is a musician. He is relaxed and has an ease with the camera so it was quite a fun session. " width="386" height="580" /> Love this moody photo. " width="386" height="580" /> Love the cool […]

Jacob’s Senior Photos – Des Moines Senior Photographers

Valley High School
A few weeks ago, we photographed Andrew’s Senior Portrait Session. Andrew is a drummer at Valley High School in West Des Moines. He is funny and easy going. We had so much fun on his session! " width="580" height="870" /> " width="580" height="387" /> " width="580" /> More photos to come in the upcoming week!

Andrew’s Senior Portrait Session – Valley High School Class of ...

Senior photo with guitar
" alt="Senior photo with guitar" width="580" /> Love this relaxed photo of Nathan by the bridge with his guitar. This was one of my favorite from the session. " alt="High School Senior photo with upright bass" width="580" /> " alt="High School Senior music photo" width="580" /> We felt so lucky to photograph in this great […]

Nathan’s Senior Session in Norwalk, Iowa – Post #2

Norwalk Iowa High School Senior with Bass Guitar
A few weeks ago, we photographed Nathan for his Senior photos.  Nathan is creative and fun, involved with jazz band and baseball, and he had a ton of cool ideas for his session.  We had such an incredible time on his session! " width="580" height="404" /> " width="580" height="386" /> We joked with Nathan that […]

Norwalk High School Senior Photography: Nathan with Bass

Senior Graduation Party Table Decorations
" alt="" width="580" /> Over the weekend, we went to Corinne’s graduation party.  As many of you remember, Corinne is a fun Senior from Perry High School we photographed last Fall.  It means a lot to us when the Seniors we photograph invite us to their grad parties and we get to catch up with them. […]

Creative Graduation Party Decoration