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Outdoor family photo ideas for spring

A few weeks ago, the Benders contacted us to take photos of their family while they were in town.  We had photographed their daughter’s 3 month photos several months ago so we were excited that they wanted us to photograph them again. We normally look for nice, shady areas to photograph outdoors, but we had to come up with other outdoor family picture ideas because this was early spring.

The Benders are a very fun family and like Kevin and I are up for new ideas.  So when we told them the idea we had for their session and they were all excited about it, we knew that was a great sign.  Our family picture  ideas were to take their sofa out to this cool, grassy field near them house.  The family would pose around the sofa but it wouldn’t be the normal, boring family photos of everyone sitting on the sofa in the living room.   So we recruited some of the Bender men to take the sofa out to the field.

Fun Family Session in Grimes Iowa

Des Moines Family Photography Grandparent and Grandchild Photo

Grandparents with baby

Des Moines Generational Photo with Great-Grandchild

Great grandparents with baby outdoor photo

Des Moines Large Family Group Outdoor Picture

Outdoor generational family photo

All in all, it was a great session.  It was fun to meet the Benders’ extended family and they were all laughing and having fun with our non-traditional idea.  If you’d like to see a full slideshow from their session, check out our Facebook page.