Zack, Mandy, Vincent and Lila

In October, we photographed this family’s photos in their home.  Vincent and Lila are in our kids club, the Grins and Giggles Club so we’ll have fun watching them grow over the next 2 years.  Vincent is one of the most photogenic children we’ve ever seen and Lila is so adorable.  We photographed the children playing in their backyard.

Boy with red sweater and hat on bicycle. Copyright Barber Photography, Des Moines, Iowa

Kevin and I love this photo. We think it looks like a children's clothing ad. Did I mention how cute Vincent is?

Boy in Sweater outdoors in the fall. Copyright Barber Photography, Des Moines, IA

I love how with babies they change so quickly so something they may do something new for a couple of weeks and then they move onto to some other new discovery.

Baby girl sticking out her tongue. Copyright Barber Photography, Des Moines, IA

For this session, Lila's cute new trick was sticking out her tongue. Can't wait to see what new thing she's doing for the next session.

The family ordered a wall portrait set of 3 photos in fun colorful frames with this photo included.  Can’t wait to hang it on their wall for them in a couple of weeks.

I love how Lila is looking up to her big brother.   Also want to give props to their dog, Deacon.  He posed for us wherever we laid him.  He is a very sweet, easy going dog.  He’s been one of our favorite dogs to photograph.  This photo is another one that is going to be in their wall portrait set.

Baby photographer Barber Photography, Des Moines, Iowa

Boy reading a book in a rocking chair. Copyright Barber Photography, Des Moines, Iowa

Zack and Mandy, we laughed so much during your session and just fell in love with your kids.  We’re looking forward to our next session with them in a couple of months.

What is your favorite photo from this session?

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